Superficial Cervical Plexus Block

This is a simple and safe block (don’t need large volume, not particularly close to any important anatomy) that can give you anesthesia of the anterior/lateral neck and ear. Consider it for ear lacerations, central line placement and clavicle fracture. It’s effectiveness can be variable but it is always worth a try. Here is a nice 5 minute video from 5minsono.

Peripheral IJ

This IV has found the name peripheral IJ.  It is a peripheral IV catheter that is inserted in the INTERNAL jugular vein under ultrasound guidance with sterile but non-barrier technique.  It is really nice in patients who need access for less than 72 hours when the nurses (and you) are having trouble getting a traditional peripheral IV.  Be sure to use a longer 2.5 inch catheter.  5 minute video here.