Posterior Tibial Nerve Block

This is another simple and safe block that is PERFECT for anesthesia of the bottom of the foot (think lacerations and foreign bodies). The nerve is easy to see and right next to the posterior tibial artery which is a great landmark. This is a great block for those without a lot of comfort/experience with blocks. Here is a nice 5 minute video from 5minsono.

Superficial Cervical Plexus Block

This is a simple and safe block (don’t need large volume, not particularly close to any important anatomy) that can give you anesthesia of the anterior/lateral neck and ear. Consider it for ear lacerations, central line placement and clavicle fracture. It’s effectiveness can be variable but it is always worth a try. Here is a nice 5 minute video from 5minsono.

Peripheral IJ

This IV has found the name peripheral IJ.  It is a peripheral IV catheter that is inserted in the INTERNAL jugular vein under ultrasound guidance with sterile but non-barrier technique.  It is really nice in patients who need access for less than 72 hours when the nurses (and you) are having trouble getting a traditional peripheral IV.  Be sure to use a longer 2.5 inch catheter.  5 minute video here.